2nd Lockdown - Sun 1st Nov

Sorry, our PreSchool, Recreational & Terrific Tumble classes are cancelled from Monday 2nd November (we are a weekly based services so run full weeks only). As soon as more information is available we will update you.

Stay safe, stay sane.

September Classes

Our September PreSchool & Recreational classes are now available for booking.

Please - read the COVID Changes T&C before  booking - there are significant differences from Pre-Covid days.

Unfortunately we cannot offer any type of unstructured activities at this time (no PreSchool Drop-In, Parkour or Birthday Parties).

Cornavirus Update 09/07/20 - Parent Letter




Cornavirus Update 01/06/20 - Parent Letter

Cornavirus Update 13/05/20 - Parent Letter

Cornavirus Update 24/03/20

Sorry but we are currently closed until further notice. We are updating our Facebook and Instagram channels regulary with home activities - examples below.

Stay safe and active.

We will be posting different skills from our badge scheme to keep your recreational gymnasts (school age children) active whilst they are not at gym club and providing it is safe to do so at home.

We will add some preps, conditioning and flexibility exercises to help you build up towards the skills.

1 Foot Pike Lever


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